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Garden Forum and Seed Swap for Garden Enthusiasts is an organic Garden forum geared toward any and all gardeners. Our mission is to share ideas about gardening with the possibility of growing all of our fruits and vegetables organically. Please sign in to our Garden Forum or Seed Swap page and check out the latest gardening discussions or find seeds available for trade.



Announcements2.png is running its 3rd annual Giant Tomato Competition. Enter the contest here. Signup ends May 1st, 2014. There is $250 in cash prizes. The contest is simple……just grow a big tomato!!! will pay $500 to the person who breaks the world record weight for a giant tomato of 7lbs 12 ounces. If the record weight is broken more than once, the $500 will go to the higher weight (the new record). This is in addition to the already generous payouts offered for the winners to be.

Line_Button.png is pleased to announce that the PlantYourOwn Garden Shop has now opened. We are announcing our first product for sale. Our Giant Pumpkin Starter Kit is now available for purchase! The giant pumpkin starter kit includes giant pumpkin seeds, soil, a container to grow the seeds in and how to grow giant pumpkin instructions. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves to garden. Visit the garden shop today for more details.

Line_Button.png introduces a new Seed Swap Forum for registered members. Sign into the seed swap forum to post seeds you have to offer or find seeds you are looking to plant.


 Congratulations to our 2012 Giant Tomato Contest Winners. 1st place went to John Butler at 5.58 pounds, 2nd place went to Hezekiah Wahl at 4.55 pounds and 3rd place went to Margaret martin at 4.12 pounds. Come check out all of our other entrants at the weigh off page.